Learning MCollective now available in Early Release

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Learning MCollective is now available in Early Release.

This has pretty much every chapter and subchapter we expect to have in the final book, but my editor and I are still publishing some rough edges. As O’Reilly says on their website:

You’ll receive updates when content is added, as well as the completed ebooks. You get free lifetime access, multiple file formats, and free updates.

When did my business become the product RSA was selling?

By on February 27, 2014 - Opinion

My first blog post for Taos was just published: http://www.taos.com/2014/02/27/choose-security-partners-carefully/

This post covers the reality of security products: you can’t buy trust. Or as seems to have occurred this time, someone might be paying more than you to ensure your crypto is weak. You have to acquire the talent to ensure what you are using meets your needs.

I suspect that readers of this blog might point out that my summary has always been true: nobody should ever have trusted RSA blindly. My target audience for that post is people who may not have realized this before.

Cacti Template for ITWatchdogs Goose Products

By on September 29, 2013 - Geekery

So I’ve recently been moving a bunch of hand-built RRD queries into Cacti for a customer. One of the problems I had was that none of the published templates for the ITWatchdogs Goose units worked, either due to missing XML files, old OIDs, or just plain incorrect setup in the template.

I’ve built a new template by hand and it now finds internal sensors, external temp sensors, and external airflow sensors for you. If you examine the XML files included and compare to the MIB you could easily add more of the sensors.

Installation is easy: (obviously replace /usr/share/cacti with your installation directory)

wget http://www.netconsonance.com/downloads/itwatchdogs-goose-cacti-template.tgz
tar xvzf itwatchdogs-goose-cacti-template.tgz
mv *.xml /usr/share/cacti/resources/snmp_queries/

Then Import the template into Cacti, and start defining your devices!

There is a patch for your copy of Instant Puppet 3 Starter

By on August 21, 2013 - News

So I have done three things:

  1. Gone through the entire ePub file and fixed everything which was marked up in the PreFinal version sent to Packt a few weeks before publishing.
  2. Found and fixed a few small errors introduced between the PreFinal and what a buyer received.
  3. Learned about the ePub file structure and produced a patch.

Yes, I am not kidding. You can PATCH your ePub like so:

$ mkdir epubfix
$ unzip ../"Instant Puppet 3 Starter [eBook].epub"
$ patch < ../InstantPuppet3Starter.patch
$ zip -r ../"Instant Puppet 3 Starter -fixed [eBook].epub" *

It works well. When I started this, I had a fantasy of providing small patches to the file to keep it up to date for everyone. Great idea, since it would only change the different lines, right? Unfortunately, the ePub generator used by Packt eliminates linefeeds in the content. A fix to any sentence inside a chapter causes the entire chapter to be quoted in the patch file. Doh!

So giving away the patch just isn’t going to work. I have provided the patch to Packt; I hope they will push out the new version to all buyers. I’ll have the patch with me at PuppetConf too, if you have a receipt to show me…